Mobile Applications


We create and provide a customer and crew app which is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The customer app facilitates online payments via an e:Commerce gateway and the crew app facilitates alerts to deliver products that have been ordered.

The Tourvest Retail Services App Suite is designed with a solid Software Development Toolkit to easily facilitate the integration of the apps' functionality into the Airlines' own app. 

We strive to create a bold, compelling Point of Sale solution that allows crew members to interact with customers. We take advantage of the colourful, high-resolution iPad and Android device screens to view style or colour options, check product features or look up pricing, without ever compromising mobility.

Our apps contain a rich selection of product data, including:

  • Prices
  • Product Information
  • Cooking/Heating Instructions
  • Allergy/Ingredient information. 

Our fully integrateable app will provide the customer with a direct, online, mobile ready toolset to purchase product via the preferred e:Commerce platform. Pre-loaded credit cart information can be captured and stored securley in line with PCI-DSS and GDPR regulations, allowing the customer to purchase any time without the need for manually presenting cash or credit cards. 

Tourvest technologies are built and tested to support the future of inflight retail, giving the customer the option to pre-order their product choice as close to the date and time of departure as possible. 



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