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Our Service Oriented Architecture's primary objective within the TRS reporting environment is to deliver reporting that is:

  • Automated
  • Accurate
  • Accessible
  • Absolute

Our systems and reporting solutions can interact with data from multiple environments based on the nature of the service being interrogated and the type of report being accessed.

We understand what is required to deliver on functional and illustrative reporting, managing data through the end-to-end process, as well as making it available at all system levels and in different states. 

Our reporting services are leveraged for all reporting, from operational reporting and dashboards, through to client facing commercial and KPI reporting. Reports and dashboards are made available to internal and external clients directly through the Microsoft Power BI interface. The services in place offer users an environment from which they are able to retrieve reports and dashboards, as well as interact with the data and derive insights. 

The environment offers Single Sign-On and contextual capabilities, making it easy to access and delivering each user a unique and tailored experience.

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