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We assist in the crew journey from Complimentary service to Buy on Board. The Future is a transistion into the digital world.

TRS have developed 'Crew Junction', an interactive crew web portal, which provides ongoing crew training and a reward programme.

To ensure a sales and service culture is created and maintained with crew, we offer a 3-tiered training programme that focuses on sales training through the full learning journey, from induction through to expert training level. Our reward programme also creates interest, excitement and knowledge within the crew community. 

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We believe that by encouraging crew to teach and become the trainers, one encourages them to become the experts, building a culture of teaching that achieves a greater level of depth of skill retention for the Airline, and ensures knowledge is cascaded down to all crew members.

Our gamification approach ensures crew are set a number of tasks and challenges that drive sales and customer engagement. They can earn points that can be redeemed for crew purchases, and win prizes such as products, experiences and staff shop vouchers. 

This approach generates an advanced level of sales skills and knowledge, creating crew that show a passion for retail selling.

Our incentives are run on a mixed model programme and utilise varying mechanics and prizes to create interest, excitement and knowledge.

We aim to make the incentives fair where possible to accomodate all fleets and part time crew. Using our internal systems, we are able to establish where spend per head is higher on routes, and can then tailor our incentive packages to meet with the sales patterns and crew motivational targets.

At Tourvest, we regonise the importance of crew and their influence on the success of inflight retail, both Boutique and Buy on Board. We create a sales and service culture that enhances the customer experience, shaping the future for the best retail experience for the customer. 


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